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How Much Does Cash For Cars Pay? | 631-226-2277

How Much Does Cash For Cars Pay? | 631-226-2277

Cash For Cars Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn

Cash For Cars payment amounts can vary, deciding factors include, actual condition at the time of appraisal and if the Used Car, Truck, Van or SUV is a re-sell able vehicle or determined to be a Junk or Scrap Car which is known in the Automotive Industry as E.O.L.V. (End Of Life Vehicles) which are commonly towed from the owner home or property paying the owner on the raw steel weight of the vehicle by the pound. The actual amount that is paid to the Car Seller is determined by current market pricing and which part of the country the vehicle is located and transportation cost to move the vehicle to the Automotive Scrap Processor.

To Get The Most Money For Your Used Car – Drive It In To An Appraisal Center

To ensure you get the most money for your Used Car, Truck, Van or SUV, it is highly recommended, that you deal with only the most reputable Cash For Cars business, much like Cash For cars Long Island.

Once you arrive for an appraisal, the Car Buying Agent, will use tools like Carfax, Autocheck and Current Book Values like Galves Auto Pricelist and current up to date, successful Completed Auto Auction Sales that have occurred in the most recent weeks to determine the Actual Used Car Value. After a quick road test and rack check, they will make an offer on your used car and try to negotiate a price that is fair for all parties.

Cash For Cars Long Island – Pays More Than Used Car Trade-In On Quality Used Cars, Trucks, Vans & SUV’s!!

How Much Does Cash For Cars Pay? | 631-226-2277

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